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Online dating profile examples: good and bad.

24 April 2012 One Comment

A good online dating profile can land you your perfect match, but a bad personals page may only attract cobwebs in your inbox or messages from weirdos. Worried that your online dating profile isn’t up to snuff? Never fear! Today on Passion Search’s Friend’s Dating Blog, we’re going to show you good and bad examples of online dating profiles and how to make sure yours is great!


computergirls 2154035b1 Online dating profile examples: good and bad.


What makes a good online dating profile?


It’s funny how some people just seem to stand out when you’re browsing an online dating sites. Is it because they’re hot? Maybe, but more likely it’s due to a few simple techniques they may have instinctually known, or learned from an informative article like this one! So…what makes a good profile? Like any advertisement, it draws a person in. This is accomplished in many different ways. So if you’d rather be someone people are drawn to than the profile that singles avoid online, keep reading.


prfileexample Online dating profile examples: good and bad.


Below are some successful tips on how to make a strong dating profile.


  • The picture. This is one of the most important aspects of a profile. A photo that shows what you look like now, on a good day, is what you want to aim for. It should show your face clearly  (as in, not you, 5 miles back from the camera). If multiple friends have liked a photo of you on Facebook, chances are, that’s the one you should put up as a profile picture.
  • The username. This is the chance to be creative and show people who you really are! Try for something that describes your personality, like Down-to-earth-247.
  • The tag line. Your one liner that’s supposed to sell who you are. Just like your username, this can either attract and intrigue people, or send them running for the hills. Remember, you always get more bees with honey than vinegar. Say something like “life begins at the end of your comfort zone” or something else that is inviting.
  • The “about me” section. This is where you get to really talk about yourself. If you do it right, people will be drawn in and will want to message you. Try just saying what you love about life, what kind of people you surround yourself with and who you look up to in your life.
  • The “about my match” section. Although we all may want Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for our match, we have to be a bit more realistic. Try focusing on the values you like in a person. What attracts you? Stay with the positive when describing what you want in your date.


Why good people sometimes make bad dating profiles.



bad profile Online dating profile examples: good and bad.


I’ve helped many people update their online dating profiles, most have been amazing folks in real life but have shockingly bad online profiles. Why does this happen? Often times because we’re either too self conscious, or not self conscious enough.

Many people leave their entire profile’s almost empty, with just one line in each section and without any picture. Then they wonder why nobody is sending them messages! On the opposite end, some people think they have to tell their life stories on their profiles, this is also…not a good idea. Save some information for the date!


Below are some common mistakes that people make on their dating profiles.


  • The picture. If you have no profile picture, your odds of getting any messages go way down. In fact, those without photos get ten times less messages than those with photos. Also, your picture should be…you! Not your favorite celebrity, a closeup of your hamster, or a photo of a cooked turkey.
  • The username. Please, don’t try and be funny or sexy on your username. Big-dong-4-u? Really? No, don’t go down that road. A username speaks volumes about who you are. If you can’t tell your username to your grandmother, you shouldn’t be using it online.
  • The tag line. Being too cool for school is fine…in high school! Online, if you say something like “I hate these stupid tag lines”, you’re just going show people your not so appealing juvenile side.
  • The “about me” section. Is so important. Many people try to sell themselves too directly. Telling people you’re honest, pretty and smart isn’t going to make them believe you.
  • The “about my match” section. When you talk about all the things you hate and don’t want, you come off as very negative. Also, saying physical features you are hoping for in a match can make you seem very shallow. Saying “no fatties” or “I won’t date short men” will scare off fit, tall people just as much as it will the chubby and not so tall.


In online dating and in life, honesty is the best policy.


At the end of the day, if you’re honest about who you are on your dating profile, you will most likely attract the right person for you. It may take some time, but people can sense when someone is being sincere. Keep in mind the above examples of how to make a successful online dating profile and it’ll only be a matter of time before you find a match.


Good luck out there in the dating world!

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