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Can you really fall in love online?

13 March 2012 No Comment

Online dating sites began popping up back in 1995 and ever since, single ladies and men have been falling in love online and sometimes having their hearts broken in the process. Why is it so easy to fall in love with someone before you see them face to face? As Facebook says…”It’s complicated”. Read on and see the many reasons for why we fall in love online.

bc9209 002 Can you really fall in love online?

Whether on an online dating site, message boards or socializing with social media, singles for singles are finding each other online more and more. A recent study in North America discovered almost one third of people have had a relationship that started online. In this busy world, going out to bars and clubs in the hopes of meeting someone halfway decent is just a waste of time, especially when you can get online at any time of the day or night and search for your Mr. Right or Miss. Perfect. There are drawbacks however, the biggest one being that you can feel like you know someone very well without ever having met them face to face.

Can you really know someone that you’ve only talked to online?


There is something so easy about sharing with someone when they don’t know your face, your family or your history and you don’t know theirs. If you’ve ever been on an online dating site, you’ve probably had a few of those late night instant messaging sessions that go on for hours. You confess your deepest darkest worries, your dreams and those parts of yourself that you rarely share and your online chat friend does the same. This can leave you giddy at the emotional intimacy you’ve shared and wondering if you’ve found…the one.


How sharing secrets online can confuse your heart.


  • You can project onto them all of your hopes for a romantic partner.
  • They have to listen when you’re typing, so you end up feeling more heard than in face to face conversations.
  • It’s easier to talk to someone when you don’t see their reactions.
  • You can take your time formulating the perfect responses to them and they can do the same.
  • You are able to control exactly what they know about you so they get to see the best side of you.
  • You’re only seeing the best side of them.

Why you can’t really fall in love with someone only online.


There are so many good things about online dating, but one of the most important aspects of meeting someone online, is finally meeting them in person. If you’re talking with someone online, night after night, you will get to know them, in a sense, but not entirely. Part of the problem with only talking online is that everything you and your online friend are saying is in some ways very calculated and censored, to show only your best sides.

Another aspect of only talking only is that you can’t know for sure that the person you’re talking to is who they say they are. You may thing you’re talking to a handsome doctor, when in reality, you could be talking to a man who has more cats than friends.


Who you may actually be flirting with online.


laurence Can you really fall in love online?


While there’s nothing actually wrong with a man loving cats, if this cat lover is pretending to be someone he is not, he’s wasting your time and, ultimately his own. If you’re looking for online friends, it’s fine to chat and not meet in real life, but if you’re looking for passion, then you have to do things correctly and know how to avoid weirdos online.

Online dating done right.


When you’re dating online, there are a few simple way to find attractive singles and discern if they’re right for you.

  1. Be honest in your personals page. If you’re lying about who you are and what you want, you’re going to attract people who may also be fantasy figments rather than real people worthy of dating. Click on the link for more on how to write a personals page.
  2. Ask to call them after chatting a few times online. A telephone conversation is a much better way of deciphering a person’s real personality.
  3. Make a date to meet within two weeks of chatting online. If you feel like someone is a match, don’t waste time online, meet them in real life and see if there is real passion and chemistry.
  4. Once you’ve met, if you like them, start introducing them to your friends and start meeting theirs. One of the drawbacks of meeting online is that you have no real references for who someone is. Seeing your potential match with their friends, will show you who they really are way more than any late night chat.

You can fall in “like” online, but you can’t confirm real love until you’re face to face.


Love Online Dating1 Can you really fall in love online?

Even when you’re both completely honest in your personals pages, chats and messages, until you meet someone face to face, you really can’t know how you’ll feel about them. It could be you’re only going to friends, or you may feel like you’ve finally found the one. Real love happens over time and you can ever fully know someone online. Good luck out there in the online dating world!

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